• Rooted for an active child with slow living values which embraces
    culture and craft; it’s created for a global community with local craft techniques which are classic yet contemporary. Appulu means I LOVE YOU in a kid’s language, it was the first verbal expression of our founder’s son, as a child when he wanted to say mom I love you would end up saying
    “Mamma Appulu”

Each Appulu garment is created with kids in mind and therefore created with Natural Fabric with breath-ability, airiness for comfort of a child and other wearers who can relate to it.

The gentle dew drops, the tickling wind, giggling soft laughter, warmth of burning fire, comfort of mother’s lap are Appulu’s aesthetic for season over season to be in harmony with Nature which keeps you most comfortable even in changing seasons.

Appulu is about conscious living with sustainability at its heart, for us process is as important as the product. Our story started with searching for natural craft based products for our muse (granddaughter) which could be created with help of our craft communities who are the treasure trove of Indian heritage.

Appulu is a baby at heart and soul started by a grandmother who pursued her masters when her grandchild was born. The name was always dear but had to wait 24 years to be conceptualized.

Appulu & Sustainability

Sustainable fashion has no alternative and India being a hub for skilled legacy artisans with that we can create global appealing garments for global kids. At Appulu we are growing and learning with every small step that we take, we encourage conscious living and buying. We strive hard towards reducing and repurposing our waste, which also gives opportunities to our helping hands to explore and express their creative side by creating art and crafts from leftover fabrics.

We use 100% biodegradable fabrics, we even use hand spun fabrics which have zero carbon footprints. We use cloth bags, handmade paper tags, even cotton elastics instead of polyester ones wherever we can. Being from India we stay true to our indigenous roots and take pride in our skilled artisans and create for global consumers.

  • Process

    Our process is slow and we do small batch production, we produce limited quantities and accept pre-orders to avoid any waste and excess production. Nothing goes to waste until we waste it, is our motto and has consciously been inculcated by our team as well. Working in a small in-house production with small team, which gives stability and continuous employment to our team. It also gives us an insight of our waste and provides freedom to utilize it to its maximum. Micromanagement of our resources and waste help us go that extra mile to ensure keeping mother earth clean.

  • Materials

    We constantly emphasize at using materials which are derived from mother earth. While the material remains the essence of a garment the details are its soul. We try to use kora fabric in its original colour or use azo free dyes which are done in small batches by our reliable partners. Keeping nature in mind we are trying hard to avoid polyester threads and animal fibres, especially silk which is created by taking away a creature’s life. Use of natural rubber elastic, recycled paper for tags, cotton threads, naturally sourced buttons which are gifts from mother earth.

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  • Dye Practice

    Having learnt of the challenges and various loopholes brands use in their claim to sustainable fashion, we decided to go as far as batch dying our own yarn in eco-friendly naturally derived colours, all hand processed from organic waste to cured yarn, in house at Appulu

  • Packaging

    When it comes to buying a piece from us we really care about what’s inside the bag but we also care about the bag itself. We use reusable cloth bag for our inner packaging followed by eco-friendly, compostable starch based bags for our outer packaging. We want our customers to reuse or repurpose the bags and give them an afterlife.

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